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We are Emma and Lucy. We've been friends for many years and have had a mutual interest in hypnotherapy for most of that time.

We are trained and fully qualified at the prestigious Clifton Practice; a recognised Centre of Excellence for hypnotherapy founded by David Newton, one of the most experienced practitioners in the UK.

Over the years, we've developed a special interest in mindfulness, anxiety, addiction, and child psychology, and have undertaken a variety of related courses and workshops as part of our commitment to Continuous Professional Development.

We really appreciate how precious time is and so our aim is always to make your experience with us as productive, comfortable and relaxing as possible.

We have clients from a variety of backgrounds with a wide spectrum of problems. Solution focused Hypnotherapy has a great success rate in helping people achieve their objectives, whether that's within their personal, sports or professional lives.  

We'd love to meet you to talk things through further and show you what an amazing impact solution focused hypnotherapy can have on your life.

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